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Resolution Index

2002-1               Unauthorized Use of Dumpster

              2014-3 Amendment

2003-6                A. Nuisances

                            B. Junked and Abandon Vehicles

                            C. Weeds

                            D. Structures

               2013-5 Amendment

2008-1                 Delegate enforcement of Resolutions to Sheriff or Law Enforcement Agency

2013-1                 Establishing Standing Committees

2013-6                 PZD Commissioner/Committee

2014-1                 SRL Commissioner/Committee

2014-2                 CG,T,F Commissioner/Committee

2014-9                 Major Daniel Boone Park

2015-1                 NON-Authorized Tree Cutting

2015-5                 Building Codes

2016-2                 Meter Lease Purchase

2016-7                 Rights to Keep Chickens

2016-8                 Yearly Rate Adjustments 

2017-1                 Water Resolution           

2017-3-4-5          2017 Assessments

2017-6                 Animal Control

2017-7                 Schedule of Rates